As a comprehensive third-party logistics provider, Walker International Transportation (WIT), a division of Walker SCM, oversees a diverse spectrum of transportation and logistics solutions. To explore more about a specific mode of transportation, please select from the following options:

Air Freight Forwarding

At Walker SCM, we excel in global air freight forwarding, a key strength of our operations. With a seasoned operations team boasting decades of experience and strong partnerships with major carriers, our customers benefit from the most competitive rate and transit options available. Key features of our comprehensive air freight services include:

  • IATA licensing
  • TSA approval
  • Priority and deferred service options
  • ‘Wheels up’ customs clearance
  • ‘In-Bond’ air/truck services
  • Chartering options
  • Domestic and trans-border services
  • Dangerous Goods (DG) certification
  • Real-time, cloud-based visibility through the WIT-S Technology Platform

Ocean Freight Forwarding (FCL/LCL)

Our ocean freight forwarding service is built on adaptability, catering to diverse shipping needs such as full-container (FCL), less-than-container (LCL), or specialty equipment (RoRo, open-tops, reefers, etc.). Walker offers a customized solution supported by our renowned customer service. Key features of our comprehensive ocean freight services include:

  • FMC licensing
  • Competitive rates in collaboration with major global carriers
  • Contracted options with NVOCC flexibility
  • Cargo consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Vendor and P.O. management
  • Short and long-term warehousing
  • Load planning and optimization
  • Project/heavy-lift cargo management
  • Value-added services and expedited delivery options
  • Haz-Mat certification
  • Real-time, cloud-based visibility through the WIT-S Technology Platform

Domestic Trucking (FTL/LTL) & Cross-Border Services

Walker offers a comprehensive suite of motor freight services across the U.S. and within the NAFTA region. Whether you require domestic transport, multi-modal delivery, or cross-border services, our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring the seamless flow of your trucking moves, from pickup to drop-off.

Customs Brokerage

At Walker, our Customs Compliance Department is staffed by a skilled team of in-house Licensed Customs Brokers and Certified Customs Specialists. Our brokers are adept at tasks ranging from classification and customs entry to more intricate responsibilities like collaborating with other government agencies and developing tailored compliance training programs for our customers.

Within our comprehensive Compliance program, we provide:

  • Classifications
  • Protests
  • AMS Rule compliant
  • Import Security Filing (ISF/10+2)
  • ACH
  • RFL
  • Active Leadership Role in Local Broker’s Association
  • Customs Bond
  • Duty Drawbacks
  • Compliance / Risk Assessment