Relationship Focused, Results-Driven.

With a legacy dating back to 1989, Walker SCM has meticulously triumphed across the expansive realm of global transportation, finely tuned logistics optimization, and seamless supply chain integration. Setting us apart from the competition is our comprehensive expertise that spans every facet of the transportation and logistics spectrum, from the intricacies of procurement to the precision of fulfillment. Walker SCM has emerged as the largest certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) in the logistics industry with a global reach, operating directly and through partnerships in over 25 countries worldwide. On the strength of a sterling track record and work ethic, Walker has earned a reputation among its customers and partners for being relationship focused and results-driven with every interaction.

Complex Supply Chain Solutions Made Simple

What truly distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to flexibility, empowering you to seamlessly blend and customize our services in myriad combinations, perfectly tailored to address your unique supply chain requirements. At Walker SCM, we don’t just navigate the logistics landscape; we sculpt it to elevate your business to unprecedented heights.


Our comprehensive procurement management program encompasses the establishment of strong supplier partnerships, just-in-time purchasing, proactive market and cost benchmarking, rigorous quality control, and timely delivery of finished goods.


We enhance the scope of your supply chain by offering worldwide air and ocean freight forwarding, domestic land and air options, cross-border services and customer brokerage, specialized/project cargo solutions, and real-time visibility.


Our compliance program encompasses in-house customs clearance, ISF filing, customs bonds, duty drawbacks, consulting, and training for compliance, all facilitated through real-time visibility on our cloud-based system.


We take pride in crafting tailored third-party logistics programs, offering comprehensive services such as full-service warehousing, inventory management, contract packaging, specialized order fulfillment, and a seamlessly integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS).


From WIT-S, our cloud-based transportation system fueled by CargoWise, to seamlessly integrated Warehouse Management (WMS) and procurement platforms, Walker’s systems produce tangible and measurable results.