Our comprehensive Procurement Management program is designed with a singular goal: to secure products at the optimal intersection of cost and quality, tailored to each client’s specific needs. We craft fully customized procurement models, taking into account a diverse range of potential services, including:

Partnership Identification and Development

  • Forge partnerships with domestic and/or foreign-based suppliers that align with your current and future requirements.

Financial Support

  • Provide financial resources to facilitate “buy” transactions.

Best Practices Deployment

  • Implement procurement “best practices” on your behalf.

Just-in-Time Materials Management

  • Manage procured materials just-in-time, keeping inventory off your balance sheet until the last possible moment.

Production Schedule Development

  • Develop and implement production schedules in collaboration with subcontractors/suppliers.

Quality Control

  • Conduct product inspection and ensure rigorous quality control.

Supply Chain Management

  • Offer full-service Supply Chain Management, including the delivery of finished goods.

Cost and Market Monitoring

  • Proactively monitor and benchmark costs and market shifts.

IT Execution

  • Implement IT solutions, including LIVE financial and MRP systems, P.O. issuance, input receiving, and data maintenance.

Green Supply Chain Practices

  • Review supply chain processes to assess the feasibility and benefits of adopting environmentally friendly practices.