In the ever-evolving global transportation and logistics landscape, Walker SCM stands out for its commitment to staying ahead with technology and innovation. Our pride lies in offering our customers the means to swiftly embrace new opportunities. At the heart of this commitment is WIT-S, our customized transportation software powered by ediEnterprise—the industry’s sole single-platform supply chain logistics management system with global capabilities. Built on CargoWise technology, ediEnterprise is an innovative application that delivers cloud-based business solutions, drawing from extensive experience in deep vertical markets and ERP systems.

Moreover, our comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) ensures efficient inventory management and seamless order fulfillment. It also provides a centralized view and real-time tracking of all distribution activities through our online portal. For an in-depth exploration of these cutting-edge systems, please follow the links below:

  • WIT-S Technology Platform
  • Fully Integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS)