3rd Party Logistics

Walker SCM excels in third-party logistics, a central expertise in our repertoire. Our committed team of warehouse engineers and logistics optimization specialists brings vast experience to the table, proficient in designing, constructing, and operating your optimal logistics facility. With a proven track record of successful launches and measurable cost savings, our third-party logistics solutions encompass:

  • Dedicated and Multi-Client Warehousing
  • Strategically Positioned Logistics Optimization Centers (LOCs)
  • Process and Design Engineering
  • Efficient Inventory Management
  • Consolidation and Deconsolidation
  • Kitting, Assembly, Sub-assembly, and Re-work
  • Seamless Order Fulfillment and Distribution
  • Reverse Logistics and Cross Docking
  • Designated High-Value Areas
  • Secure and Restricted/High-Security Areas
  • Real-time, Cloud-based Visibility through the WIT-S Technology Platform