Permanent Technologies contracts with Global Packaging Solutions & Walker SCM

Permanent Technologies has partnered with two Certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) Global Packaging Solutions, LLC and Walker SCM, LLC for logistics, distribution, packaging and specialized order fulfillment; Global Packaging Solutions will directly market TineLok to their existing base of Fortune 100 customers in Automotive, Technology, Consumer Products, Healthcare and Public Transportation and Walker SCM will provide the logistics.

October 9, 2014 – Permanent Technologies, Inc. (Pinksheets: PERT.PK) announced a partnership with Global Packaging Solutions, LLC and Walker SCM, LLC, both leading Certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) with extensive experience and solutions for procurement, transportation, compliance, logistics and technology.

“The partnership offers Permanent Technologies twenty-five years of global experience in a variety of industries. And because the companies are also Certified Minority Enterprises, TineLok will gain exposure to the many clients, projects and opportunities in their existing portfolio,” said Frederick Barry III, President of Permanent Technologies.

A key element of this relationship is for Global Packaging Solutions to actively market TineLok Vibration-Proof Fastening Systems and associated Intellectual Property to their industrial customers. One of the company’s strengths is their ability to adapt and introduce products, ideas and best practices from one industry into a completely different industry, creating new opportunity.

Mitchell Sloane, Managing Director of Global Packaging Solutions stated, “We pride ourselves on identifying unique products that can solve specific problems and add value for our clients. We strongly believe TineLok can be a winner across the board in industrial, military and even consumer product applications. Our plan is to aggressively demonstrate the TineLok advantage to our Fortune 100 and other clients.”

Permanent Technologies, Inc. has been making inroads in establishing TineLok Vibration-Proof Fastening Systems as a cost effective alternative to existing solutions. One reason TineLok stands out is that it’s not merely a product, but a technology that may be adapted and implemented for a wide range of applications and materials based on specific requirements.

“Leveraging accomplished partners is an essential part of our overall plan to make a significant dent in the estimated $12 billion U.S. industrial fastener market,” added Mr. Barry. “We’re highly confident our relationship with Global Packaging Solutions and Walker will raise awareness for TineLok, create significant opportunity in their customer base and bring value and great pride to our shareholders.”

About Permanent Technologies, Inc.

Permanent Technologies is the inventor and manufacturer of the TineLok Fastening System — a family of fasteners that are designed to hold tight in the most demanding, extreme and harshest conditions, environments and applications.

The TineLok Fastening System’s vibration-proof, self-locking technology is an affordable alternative to traditional fasteners when increased safety, reliability, operating life and reduced maintenance is desired or required.

The Company has been granted numerous patents both in the U.S. and internationally for the TineLok technology. Both TineLok and FaucetLok are trademarks of Permanent Technologies, Inc. For more information please visit